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Riverfront Times reporter Carl Stelzer was a trusted member of the media for the Times Beach Action Group and that trust created  an unparalleled source relationship. His reporting won a Missouri State Press Association award.

Peter Downs wrote in the St. Louis Journalism Review, "Stelzer wrote about truck drivers exposed to dioxin at a St. Louis truck terminal. He wrote about PCB contamination in Missouri and links between Russell Bliss and Monsanto; and about irregularities in the tests of the Times Beach dioxin incinerator. He revealed that the company given the job of testing the incinerator emissions to determine that it met environmental regulations was partly owned by the very company it was supposed to oversee, the company operating the incinerator. Correcting an erroneous article in the Post, he broke the story that dioxin blood levels increased in people living near a dioxin incinerator in Arkansas. He reported on the EPA's harassment of the Times Beach Action Group after the group predicted more dioxin sites would be discovered after the incinerator shut down, a prediction that came true only four months later."

Stelzer maintains an archive of his reporting on Times Beach and other subjects. His writing on Times Beach is so extensive this site will provide links to just several.

First published in Nov. 1996: Why the Times Beach Incinerator Should be Shut Down

This story details the inconsistency in testing of the incinerator that led to a DOJ investigation.

First Published Aug. 28 1996: Twice Burned

This story documents how the company that was to oversee the incinerator was owned by the same company running it.

First Published July 1995: Weak in Math

This story is about the reversal of CDC blood data .

First Published Aug. 20 1997: Getting Wasted

This story discusses how Steve Taylor of the Times Beach Action Group was harrased by the EPA after TBAG's prediciton of an incomplete cleanup publicly materialized.

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